Best Milkshake in Itaewon

The cafe is originally from Singapore but now has several branches in Korea. Once Upon a Milkshake might be the best milkshake place in Itaewon or Noksapyeong. They have many different flavors and you can mix and match as you feel and the best part is that you can get the thickness level just the way you like it. You get premium ice cream at a reasonable price. The large is 7,000 won and they use REAL ice cream. The plain vanilla is the one I always get because I don’t like too much flavor in my milkshake…I like just plain vanilla or chocolate. Not a huge fan of the fancy fruit flavored milkshakes. However whatever you like you will find something for everyone which makes this place the best..they have something for ANYONE/EVERYONE. If you are not a fan of plain stuff I would recommend the peanut butter milkshake and a mini hazelnut milkshake. This place gets blasted by other bloggers who feel it is overrated and too generic but I liked it.
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Hotdog on a Stick in Itaewon!

Hotdog on a stick is finally in Itaewon! Koreans just don’t know how to make Corn dogs….have you tried the corn dogs on the street?? Gross…Hotdog on a Stick makes the best Corn Dogs in the world not just in Seoul. However the ones in Seoul are completely different than the ones in the states. It is actually like a restaurant. Sure they have the famous Corn Dogs and Lemonade…. but you can also get hotdogs…fries….even ribs for crying out loud. Their menu is HUGE compared to the states. I wouldn’t recommend anything expect for the original and the cheese dogs. Granted I have not tried all the other items but I didn’t come to Hotdog on a stick for a meal….I came for the corn dogs. I would also like to recommend the mini corn dogs which I haven’t seen sold in states at Hotdog on a stick.

Address: Yongsan-gu Itaewon-ro 27가길 54-3 Seoul

Best Seafood Restaurant in Itaewon

Lobster Bar is the hottest new restaurant in Seoul. It has replaced All American Diner which was ranked #8 on our best American Restaurants in Seoul….. and now no one misses that place now. Lobster Bar brings you Maine and Connecticut style lobsters flown in within three days, these lobsters are HUGE!! They are about 1 kg lobsters at great and reasonable prices…at first I thought they would be low quality lobster but they were fantastic!
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Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Itaewon

Looking to have some good Pho in Itaewon? Well there is only ONE place to go and that is Le Saigon! They are not only famous for their Pho and spring rolls but they also have Korean food. A great place to go with friends who DON’T want Pho and trust me it is not something EVERYONE likes. Therefore it is great to have so many different options on the menu. The place is small but usually it is not crowded. Set A (Beef pho+Fresh spring roll 2 pieces) and Set B (Pork chop or Seafood Rice + Fresh spring roll+Small Soup) are the ones to get if you are looking for a deal. The Pork Chop rice is great for those that don’t want pho and really should be considered Korean food than Vietnamese food. But the beef Pho is perfect.
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Updated Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Seoul

It has been a few years since I did a top 10 thai restaurants in Seoul post…and since that time I have been to so many Thai Restaurants in Seoul. So much so that I had to completely redo my whole list!! Great Thai food involves having great Pad Thai, green/yellow curry, and great fried rice. Here is our list of the top 10 Thai Restaurants in Seoul.

10) My Thai China
This is a combination of a Thai/Chinese restaurant. Which is why it is so low on the list….this is a hybrid restaurant that doesn’t serve authentic Thai food but a kinda fusion menu. The menu is huge because they have both the traditional Thai items as well as American style Chinese items. They have delicious spring rolls and egg rolls and their sweet and sour sauce is pretty authentic. In fact I would recommend anything sweet and sour…whether it is chicken or pork. Their fried rice selections are great as well. No curry dishes and their noodles were a bit dry. Again if you want an American style Thai food this is the place for you!

Address: 118-20 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
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Best Fries in Itaewon – Kinders

You will always find a seat at Kinders and the best place to go if you don’t want to wait long. Not a lot of people know about this place in Itaewon. It is off the main street up a hill and the restaurant itself is downstairs. But this is a great American BBQ restaurant with quality burgers and by far the best french fries in all of Seoul. You can go with a group of 20 and will still be able to get a table. Their menu is nice but overall you come here for the fries.
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Best place for Italian and cake in (HBC)

People come to Haebongchon for the burgers and the pizzas and to meet foreigners. However Gate 21 is the perfect place to have a nice cup of coffee and some delicious cake! It is new so it is usually empty and my fear is that it will close very soon due to the lack of customers. Let’s not let this happen. The place has decent Italian food…not great…but decent. It won’t make our top 10 Italian Restaurants in Seoul list….but you won’t be disappointed in their pizzas, pastas, and steaks. The atmosphere is really nice…sit inside their clean white interior or sit outside and enjoy the view….a great place to take on a date. I took a date here once and sat outside and enjoyed a nice Americano and chocolate cake. Hurry now before it is too late!

Address: 5-72 Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Updated 2015 – Top Ten Pizza Restaurants in Seoul

It is hard to find a good slice of Pizza in Seoul. But I have looked and updated the top ten pizza restaurants in Seoul. No more franchises like last time. This is the REAL stuff….made by people who know how to make a great pizza.

10) The Booth
The Booth is a very popular spot in Haebangchon (HBC). It is a little hard to find but if you do you will really like this cozy place….only about 30 people MAX can sit inside there. So try to go during lunch because on the weekends it will be packed with foreigners. A slice of pizza (3,500) won and a nice glass of craft beer is the perfect lunch combo. The major negative or positive depending on how you look at it is that they only have pepperoni and cheese. Sure they are tasty but if you feel like mushrooms or onions you are out of luck.

Address: 705, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
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Best Pizza in HBC (Haebangchon)

BONNY’S PIZZA in Haebongchon is great. Bonny’s is a self-serve beer pub/sports bar…. It should make an the list of the upcoming top 10 pizza restaurants in Seoul. Every time you go during dinner hours it is super busy. The location is not easy to find so you would think not a lot of people would know about it….WRONG. People that know good pizza know Bonny’s. The place looks like crap…but you don’t come here for the atmosphere….you come here for the food….which makes the wooden tables and dirty floors fine to deal with. They have a great selection of bottled beers and you can get pizza’s by the slice for 3,000 won. You gotta go with the classic pepperoni pizza (17,000 won) or the Snowden (19,000). If you are looking for a New York style pizza this is not it…it is kinda like a better version of Pizza Hut…the crust is greasy and crunchy. The Snowden is loaded with cheese and bacon. It does taste western so people that like their pizza authentic….might not enjoy this place but I personally loved it. I never tried the thin crust which people don’t recommend but I think I will order it the next time I go. Here is a picture from a fellow blogger of the Pizza and how it is served.
Bonny's Pizza Itaewon

With over 100 beer selections and over 15 different combinations of Pizza this is the place to go to find the right Pizza for you. Also if you are into sports from all over the world they are great for showcasing the games and having fun trivia and contest nights. You can be in tournaments or go up against your friends. A very fun place to be where you can feel like you are back in the states. Where will it rank in the top 10 best pizza restaurants in Seoul??

Address: 2, Sinheung-ro 3-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The Best Russian Restaurant in Seoul

Troika is by far and away the best Russian Restaurant in Seoul. The offer a set price menu of 100,000 won with alcohol and 70,000 won without alcohol. Of course I got it with alcohol…Russians are famous for their drinking but it was the food that set the place apart. If you want to experience Russian and Uzbekistan food, it right place to go. Plov, Borscht, pelmeni, blini, shashliki is a short list of available Russian and Uzbek cuisines that they offer.
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