Nice Romantic Pizza Restaurant in Itaewon

lableu in Itaewon


This very underrated restaurant in Itaewon is a great place to go on a date.  Since it is not very popular you would think the food really sucks but no way….the price as well as the food is very good.  They serve mainly pizza and pasta with a great selection of wine.  The prices range from 10,000 won to 20,000 won depending on what kind of Pizza or Pasta you get.   Usually on Friday/Saturday nights it is impossible to find a good Italian restaurant that you don’t have to wait in line in.  The Pizza’s are very thin crusted which I love and they put on just the right amount of cheese.

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Best Dumplings in Seoul!



Jonny Dumpling has become so famous in Itaewon that they opened another store along the international food street.  It is by far the best dumplings….ever.  Usually you eat your dumplings steamed or fried right??  What is wrong with steamed dumplings??  They are way too mushy…it is like you are eating a wet donut….however fried is also not great because once you bite into a fried dumpling…the not juice inside explodes out….burning your tongue….Jonny Dumpling combines those two to make the best dumpling possible….it is steamed as well as fried.  So you get that nice crunch as you bite into that soft steamed dumpling.  Just check out how it looks…..delicious.

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Brick Yard newest bar in Itaewon

The newest bar in Itaewon is making a huge case to be in the top ten foreigner bars in Itaewon. Does anyone know Sam Hammington? I didn’t know who the hell he was. He is suppose to be a big deal comedian in Korea. Well he is the owner of this new bar just off the international food road at the opposite end of Thursday Night Party. It is a little hard to find but trust me it is well worth it. The have the main floor but they also have a roof top area to drink and have fun with friends. This is great because the main area might be a little too loud to mingle. They have their own D.J. on the weekends so if you feel like dancing or listening to good music stay in the main bar area.
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Panda Express in Seoul!

Panda Express is finally in Seoul. You can find it inside the food court area in the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong. Sure you can try the top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Seoul….what what you really need is some good old fashion American style Chinese food sometimes and no one makes it better than Panda Express. The Orange Chicken…the chow mien…the fried rice….it all tasted just like how it does in the states. It made me feel gross afterwards…JUST LIKE THE STATES!
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Best Steak in Itaewon

Looking for the best wet and dry steaks in Seoul? The Butcher’s Cut franchise is by far the best steak restaurant in all of Seoul and they have one located in Itaewon as well. From lamb to beef this place has it all. It is not cheap but the quality and the taste can’t be beat. It does take some time before you get your food but trust me it is worth the wait. Just look at this steak!
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Jacoby’s Burger should have been in the Top 10 list.

We have to start off with burgers right? When people think of American food….they usually think of a nice juicy cheeseburger or hamburger. I made a HUGE mistake by not putting with place as a top 10 burger restaurant in Seoul…totally forgot…Jacoby Burger please forgive me….They make the biggest burgers I have ever seen! Just check this sucker out….


That is an actual burger….how crazy is that? I would recommend the the double cheese with garlic flavoured burger and bacon along with a side of onion rings. The classic American meal. If you bring your picky girlfriend they even have a veggie burger. The veggie burger was actually delicious and fresh, the veggies crisp was good as well….see something for everyone and a great fun and happening place to go on a date. It is in HBC so it is a bit of a walk from Itaewon…so I suggest you take the Noksapyeong exit.

Address: 45-6 Yongsandong 2(i)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Best Korean BBQ in Itaewon


Right behind the Hamilton Hotel you will find the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Itaewon. Sometimes you want to show your foreigner friends a taste of Korean food….well take them to Busan Galbi. A long time ago back in the old days…the best beef/pork usually came from Busan…so the Kings of the olden days only ate Busan beef/pork. Now keep it mind that Itaewon does not have GREAT Korean BBQ restaurants so THIS being the best is nothing special. However it is the best in Itaewon. The prices are expensive and the portions are small but the quality is always great. You will always be able to find a seat here because the place is huge. Their Samgyupsal is the best item to order or their daeji galbi. Anything pork is great. Their beef galbi is also good but again the portions are small.
busangalbi itaewon
Also don’t forget to order the kimchi pancakes (kimchijeon)…avoid the seafood pancake.

Address: 112-6 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The Worst Restaurant Trend in Seoul – Glamping

This has got to be the worst restaurant trend in Seoul. Glamping means Glamorous camping…WTF is Glamorous camping?? Koreans do realize that they can go camping for free right?? Glamorous camping is suppose to have all the fun of camping without the dirt, fresh air, and sleeping in tents/sleeping bags….so let me ask you this…why not just go to a normal restaurant? The whole fun of camping is that you are NOT GLAMOROUS!!! No fridge, beds, etc….Glamping is not glamorous at all. You walk in and they have pillows everywhere. Some tents but you actually have to make reservations for them.

You might be asking yourself…..So I have to pay money to eat here? If I want a tent I need to make a reservation?? Are you serious? So if you want to eat like a homeless person…make a reservation…again…are you serious? We sat on the ground on these huge pillows like a normal person. What are up with these pillows?? How dirty are these pillows?? How often do you think they wash these things?? They won’t fit in a washing machine….The amount of bacteria must be off the charts. They have the normal Glamping and the Glamping Thai….both with the same concept. You can find many more of these Glamping style restaurants all over Seoul and it will probably not die. Koreans love camping….if you ever walked along Han River you will notice this….But this Glamping thing is going too far….

No address provided…lets put a stop to this right here and now.

The Most Underrated Pizza Restaurant in Itaewon

Pizzarium didn’t make the cut for our top 10 pizza restaurants in Seoul….but it was close. No one talks about this place but every time you go it never disappoints. It is not the traditional pizza place and some don’t like the square cuts…but the selections and the taste are always consistent which is what you are looking for when go to a pizza restaurant.
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Most Overrated Restaurant in Itaewon?

The grab your attention with their name. My Chi Chi in Korean means my boobs…..that is the same strategy McDonalds used with their golden arches which where shaped to look like boobs. Well the restaurant sure gets a lot of attention based on the name alone. But what about the food? The food is what matters the most right? You can’t really tell what kind of a restaurant it is…they have a little bit of everything and is usually crowded. I guess the best way to label this place is an World Fusion Restaurant. No real theme to it just a lot of noise with no real substance. They have dishes from Greece, Morocco, Thailand, Japan, China, Italy, France, India, and Mexico.
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