Top 10 restaurants in Itaewon

These are some of my picks for the best restaurants in Itaewon. I will try to get some more detail in my restaurant reviews for Korea. I will continue to do the top ten restaurant blog post but incorporate individual restaurant reviews as well. Thanks for visiting the shikdang blog and we hope that the info provided is helpful.

10. SULTAN KEBAB HOUSE – This is the original Kebab restaurant that started it all. Now everywhere you look, you see Kebab places. Well, it started in Itaewon by a guy named Omer Yilmaz. He started selling kebabs on the street in 2006 and slowly started to get famous. He opened a store in Itaewon and the rest is history. Everyone knows what Kebabs are so I won’t explain what it looks like. The taste is what matters the most and I can say hands down these Kebabs are the best in Seoul. The lamb and beef are imported but every other veggies are from local farms. You can ask for the spicy sauce (I leave that out). You probably won’t see Omer since he has opened multiple stores in Seoul, but if you do, try to talk to him. He is a real nice and friendly guy. Phone number 02-730-4418. Continue reading Top 10 restaurants in Itaewon

Top 10 restaurants in Hongdae

These are my picks for the top 10 restaurants in Hongdae. If you guys know of some awesome restaurants in Hongdae that i left out, please leave me a comment with the info. Thanks!

10. PENONG – This Chinese restaurant in Hongdae is not your typical Chinese restaurant. It does not have ja jang myeon or thang Su yook. However if you are looking for some real Chinese food, this is where you will find it. They have a great selection of duck dishes which are a bit too fatty and greasy. Maybe that is why it tastes to good. The Moo-shoo pork was kinda gross. It was way too soft and mushy. Phone number 02-325-3114. Continue reading Top 10 restaurants in Hongdae

Top 10 restaurants in Gangnam Seoul Korea

These are my picks for the best restaurants in Seoul‘s Gangnam area. By Gangnam I mean near Gangnam Station. So don’t post comments as to why a restaurant did not make this list. Remember…NEAR GANGNAM STATION. On a side note BUTTERFINGERS just missed the cut.

10. ILL MARE – If you are looking for the best Italian lunch set in Gangnam. You came to the right place. For under 10,000 won you get a set that gives you salad, pizza, pasta, and a cup of coffee for dessert. The salad was very plain, the pizza was way too small and way too cheesy, however the pasta was very delicious. I mean what can you expect for 10,000 won?? The place looks very clean and they have many tables in the back. However during the peak lunch hours you probably will not be able to find a seat. Phone number 02-2051-8697. Continue reading Top 10 restaurants in Gangnam Seoul Korea

Top 10 restaurants in Cheongdam

These are my picks for the best restaurants in Cheongdam dong Korea. We are always looking for new restaurants in Seoul. If you have any suggestions or insider tips, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment below. Also check out this place that just missed the cut…if you like Korean BBQ you will love this.

10. VILLA ETWAS – If you are looking for some good Mediterranean food made by a real Mediterranean cook, come to Villa Etwas. This place has so many different kinds of salads. My personal favorite has to be the garlic salad. I normally don’t like cream pastas but this place has some of the best cream pastas in Cheongdam. After your meal do not forget to get the tiramisu which is a kind a mix of tiramisu and cheesecake. It is to die for! I actually sometimes just come here for that! This is a great place to bring a date and I would recommend sitting outside on the terrace. The place however is way too pricy (80,000 won per person). They have live music, however when I went there weren’t any. Phone number 02-514-2030. Continue reading Top 10 restaurants in Cheongdam

Top 10 restaurants in Apgujeong

These are my picks for top 10 restaurants in Apgujeong dong, Seoul, Korea.

10. DAN SUSHI – This is the best Japanese restaurant in Seoul that uses the rotating table setup to serve their sushi. You come in and you sit down and just start eating. Dishes go around in a circle and the prices are all different. You have to look at the color of the dishes to see which ones are cheap and which ones are expensive. Dan Sushi is as best as you can get. They have this cooked beef on rice which is awesome and their salmon with this cream white sauce is delicious. It could get expensive because the food is right there for you to grab and before you know it you have 30-40 plates on your table! Continue reading Top 10 restaurants in Apgujeong

Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Seoul

These are my picks for the best pizza restaurants in Seoul. Pizza is the first thing I am going to eat when I get back to the states.

10. LE TRE CAMPANE in Hongdae: If you are looking for some good stone baked pizza restaurants in Seoul you need to check out this place. They use a huge stone oven and make the pizzas so the cheese turns a dark orange. Be careful because the pizzas here tend to get cold pretty fast. Once the pizzas go past a certain point they were very rubbery. I think overall the pizzas were good but they need to be more crispy. Also the tomato sauce is not sweet enough. Phone number: 02-336-3378. Continue reading Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in Seoul

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Seoul

These are my picks for the best Mexican restaurants in Seoul.

10. TACO RICO in Gangnam: This place makes the list because the food is being cooked by a real Mexican. So I was expecting a lot! Don’t expect too much. Some stuff are good like the nachos or the burritos. But the tacos are terrible. This place is a mixed bag. I hear good things as well as some bad things about this place. Also the location sucks. Good luck trying to find this place. My best advice. Get out exit 7 Gangnam Station and make a right at the first small street you see. Keep going up the hill until you can’t go anymore. Then turn right. The place has a open kitchen but the seating is very limited. Continue reading Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Seoul

Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Seoul

We here at Shikdang love Thai food. Believe it or not Seoul has some really good Thai restaurants. Here are our picks for the best Thai restaurants in Seoul Korea.

10. SALA THAI in Apgujeong: This place is near Rodeo just around the street. This is a perfect place to come to shop and find some good Thai food. They also have another location in Bundang in Jeongja. Both places are great places to go when you are on a date. You must try the Green curry with Chicken. They make it kinda sweet which makes it super addicting. I talked to the owner and he wants to open more stores by 2012. However I tried many of their other dishes however they were a bit dissapointing. Get the curry! Continue reading Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Seoul

Top 10 Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Seoul

10. SUSHI CALIFORNIA in Gangnam: This is the best Japanese sushi restaurant in Seoul when it comes to the price and quality. The sushi rolls will not blow you away but they are decent. Especially the chef specials. When you come here you must order the lobster roll but stay away from the spider roll. The Unagi rolls are pretty good but really you come here for the sushi. All the sushi’s are reasonably priced and you can even order some toro (fatty tuna) here. Where else can you get tuna sushi for 3,000 won and fatty tuna for 5,000 won. The best roll however is the rose roll( a must get). They have no appetizers which kinda suck but you can have a nice meal for two and not spend more than 50,000 won. Continue reading Top 10 Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Seoul