Top 10 restaurants in Apgujeong

These are my picks for top 10 restaurants in Apgujeong dong, Seoul, Korea.

10. DAN SUSHI – This is the best Japanese restaurant in Seoul that uses the rotating table setup to serve their sushi. You come in and you sit down and just start eating. Dishes go around in a circle and the prices are all different. You have to look at the color of the dishes to see which ones are cheap and which ones are expensive. Dan Sushi is as best as you can get. They have this cooked beef on rice which is awesome and their salmon with this cream white sauce is delicious. It could get expensive because the food is right there for you to grab and before you know it you have 30-40 plates on your table! Continue reading

Top 10 Mexican Restaurants in Seoul

These are my picks for the best Mexican restaurants in Seoul.

10. TACO RICO in Gangnam: This place makes the list because the food is being cooked by a real Mexican. So I was expecting a lot! Don’t expect too much. Some stuff are good like the nachos or the burritos. But the tacos are terrible. This place is a mixed bag. I hear good things as well as some bad things about this place. Also the location sucks. Good luck trying to find this place. My best advice. Get out exit 7 Gangnam Station and make a right at the first small street you see. Keep going up the hill until you can’t go anymore. Then turn right. The place has a open kitchen but the seating is very limited. Continue reading