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I’m not gonna be boring with this blog. Any idiot can write about “Korean Restaurants.” But it takes a real trailblazer to find unconventional places to eat. I personally love “street food” and food carts because you get to enjoy food in a different light. With that said, let me talk about the hidden gem….Jjimjilbang food.

Jjimjilbangs are community bath houses with sauna and other recreational facilities. They come in all sorts of forms and sizes. Some are ghetto and some are small. But the really new and big ones are pretty awesome.

The price of admission is around 10,000 won give or take. You get to go in and enjoy a nice bath and just chill out in the lobby area or one of many different sauna rooms. They have massage rooms and nail salons in some of the bigger and newer Jjimjilbangs. You can also find some with movies rooms and PC rooms.

All of the Jjimjilbangs have at least a small staffed kitchen with some surprising good food. Prices range from 3,000-7,000 won. They serve noodles and rice. Can’t go wrong with Tteokbokki or any kind of Korean soup. Getting Patbingsu is also a must. These shaved ice treats will taste like heaven after sweating all your toxins away in the saunas. I always eat something whenever i go to a jjimjilbang. I make sure i go on an empty stomach just so that i can enjoy the food there. It’s not just about the food either. I like to consider it to be an experience. Where else can you enjoy a community bath one minute and grub on some spicy soup the next. The kicker is that you will only be out around 20,000 Korean Won when you leave. You can stay there as long as you want. You can even spend the night there. Gotta love Korean Culture. It’s also makes for a great date for young couples.

So yeah, restaurants in Seoul Korea do not have to be located on a busy commercial street. You can find Seoul restaurants in the unlikeliest of places. This blog is going to try to scope out hidden gems in the restaurant game. We want to be unique with our restaurant reviews. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and we hope that you will return. Check out Shikdang.com for great Restaurant Reviews in Seoul Korea. Find, locate, rate, review restaurants at shikdang.com.

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