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Restaurants in Seoul Apgujeong Michelin green guide

If you love food and travel, you probably already know of the world famous Michelin Guide books. These books rate and review all the best restaurants in Major cities across the world. There are other restaurant review guides, but this is the oldest and probably the most famous. Seoul Korea doesn’t have a Michelin Red Guide out, but it does have the Green guide. Here are the restaurants that are listed in the Seoul Apgujeong section of the Michelin Green Guide. We here at shikdang are dedicated to bringing you the best possible info about the restaurant and food scene in Seoul, Korea. We try to research and experience all that we can and report the findings to you guys. Let us know how we are doing and join us by leaving us a comment or becoming a member of Shikdang.com.

Samwon Garden. This well known Korean style grill is supposed to have the best meat south of the river. It’s huge with seating available for 1200 diners. Meat portions per person are 24,000-54,000 Won. Reservations are recommended.

Gorilla in the Kitchen. This restaurant is well known because the actor Bae Yong Jun owns the joint. It’s an organic restaurant and the restaurant motto is “No cream, no fat, no worries.”

Jung Sik Dang. Jung Sik Dang offers Korean Nouvelle cuisine. Lunch time prices are 40,000 Won and Dinner will set you back 120,000 Won. This Korean fusion style restaurant provides delicious food that are very well presented. The service is also top notch.

Palais de Gaumont. One of the oldest restaurants in the Gangnam area. Back in the day this French restaurant in Seoul used to be a pioneer of European haute cuisine. It’s still very much considered a luxurious and elegant venue with food that’ll satisfy.

Wooriga. Wooriga features traditional Korean style food in a sophisticated package. Everything is beautiful and delicious. The setting seems to be a little impersonal.

These are the restaurants listed in Michelin’s green guide for South Korea. Check out the location and reviews for these and other fine restaurants by going over to shikdang dot com.