Top 10 American Restaurants in Seoul

10. SAM RYAN’S in Itaewon: 116-15 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, 2nd floor. This is the place to come to feel like you are in America. I am not sure to call this a restaurant or a bar, but since they have some great food, I will call it a restaurant. I only come here on Tuesday Nights for the ribs…they […]

10. SAM RYAN’S in Itaewon: 116-15 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, 2nd floor. This is the place to come to feel like you are in America. I am not sure to call this a restaurant or a bar, but since they have some great food, I will call it a restaurant. I only come here on Tuesday Nights for the ribs…they are dirt cheap however they are super thick and tasty. You come here to drink and eat ribs and mingle with some white people. It doesn’t get much more “American” than this! Phone number: 02-749-7933

9. VIPS in Seoul: This true American restaurant everywhere in Seoul is the best place to find a large variety of ribs and steaks. The portions are really big so if you come here, you should come with a group of people. However what separates VIPS from lets say Bennigans or TGI Fridays is that they might have the best “salad bar” in Seoul. You can actually just come here and be happy with the salad bar which has a wide range of pastas, nachos, and fried chicken. They have this sweet and sour shrimp that is super tasty.

8. ALL AMERICAN DINER in Itaewon: 56-13 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. People have mixed feelings about this American restaurant because of the service. They take their sweet time in making simple dishes. However they taste pretty good. The place looks like the back yard of a BBQ cookout. I would recommend getting any of their breakfast dishes or burgers. However I come here for one reason and one reason only…the buffalo wings…OH SO GOOD! They say they bring most of their ingredients from the States which is a huge plus. Phone number: 02-790-0411

7. GECKO’S GARDEN in Itaewon: Here we are in Itaewon again! This place has everything you are craving from the states. They have big portioned salads and steaks. Their sandwiches are decent but I would recommend getting their main dishes like seafood or chicken. I always get the roasted duck breast however people might find the flavor is a little bit too strong and the texture a bit too greasy. However you can never go wrong when you order their seabass. It is so tender and rich. They have great cakes for dessert and after your meal you can see the cooks in action. It looks like you are watching a BBQ cookoff!

6. HOOTERS in Gangnam: Everyone knows this famous American restaurant, but a few know they actually have a hooters in Seoul. It is located in Gangnam off of exit 3. Here you can get the best wings Seoul has to offer. I am not talking KFC or Two Two Chicken.. They get it pretty similar to the states. If you are feeling for something deep fried. Come here! But the restaurant makes it to number 6 because of the ladies that dance around in their short shorts. They don’t have big hooters but they are super cute. It just makes the food taste that much better.

5. BUTTERFINGERS in Gangnam: This is one of the first American restaurants in Seoul I have been to. I must say it was awesome. Huge portions! However the price is over the top. I think I actually paid 9,000 won for orange juice here. They have many drinks from the states like Dr. Pepper and Ginger Ale but I would pass on any drinks here because they are just too expensive. They have a huge breakfest menu, one of the biggest, if not THEE biggest selection you can find in Seoul. I would try their omelets or make your own by ordering many different kinds of sides. They have great clam chowders and beef stews. Also their french toast is worth trying as well. I heard they have another chain in Seohyeon (Bundang). I would recommend you order the mash potatoes with gravy if you are going as a group of 4 or more….it is huge!

4. VINE in Jung-gu: This great American restaurant in Seoul is located in Lotte Hotel. They have awesome soups which is perfect to start your meal. They are famous for their sandwiches and burgers. I always however get the duck breast salad which might be the best salad I have ever eaten in Korea. This place however is way too expensive. If you are looking to impress your date you should check this place out. I think the reason why it is so expensive is that they use wine in many of their dishes. Whatever they are doing it is working because this place is off the charts!

3. FLYING PAN in Itaewon: 736-5 Hannam 2 dong. This is the cinderella restaurant on the list because this place has character. It is not huge and it might be hard to find, however they have some of the best dishes in Seoul. You must try the potato skin with sweet chili cream cheese. Their sandwiches are awesome because their breads are nice and soft on the inside. I always get the curry chicken sandwich with red peppers. That is by far the best sandwich I have eaten in Korea. The pancakes are a hit or miss tho. Somethings they get it right, but sometimes it comes out way too hard.

Suji Itaewon

2. SUJI’S in Itaewon: 34-16 Itaewon Dong. This American restaurant is the best place to come to for omelets. I don’t know what they do to it but they taste great. They eggs are never overcooked and the selections are huge! They have decent burgers but you don’t come here for the burgers. You come here for the breakfest. My favorite??? The corned beef hash! So good! I would also recommend the Yorkshire Puddings stuffed with beef and gravy and they also have the best chicken pot pie in Seoul.

1. MEMPHIS KING BBQ in Seocho: 924-9 Banghae 1 Dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. This is the best American restaurant in Seoul. If you are a meat lover, better yet, a rib lover you have to come here. When you think of ribs you think of….Memphis! The great thing about this place is that they use authentic Memphis BBQ ribs from the states. Yes! You heard me! They cook it for 4 1/2 hours in Memphis and they ship it here. So you can taste the real Memphis flavor. Also what makes this place great is the price. Since you are eating meat cooked in the states…you would think you would have to pay a fortune….how does 25,000 won sound??


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    I thought MKB was closed?

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  4. On the other side of the scale, here is an American chain (Bennigan’s) that due to a horrid customer service experience I will not be going back to.

    Here is the full review on this fateful day. Not sure if this was because of the need for Koreans to save face at all costs, but arguing with my girlfriend on my behalf over an undercooked steak is never a way to win repeat business.

    1. shikdangs

      Well that is what you get when you go to Bennigans….what did you really expect?

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