Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Seoul

10. HO LEE CHOW in Apujeong: You can find this Chinese restaurant all around Seoul. Think of this place as the P.F. Chang of Korea. If you are looking for American style chinese food you have to come here. However to be honest you will be let down. The price is way too expensive for the quality and […]

10. HO LEE CHOW in Apujeong: You can find this Chinese restaurant all around Seoul. Think of this place as the P.F. Chang of Korea. If you are looking for American style chinese food you have to come here. However to be honest you will be let down. The price is way too expensive for the quality and the flavors are very bland. Also the food is way too greasy. I know I know…it is suppose to be greasy…but damn! If you are going to get anything you must get the General Chicken. The orange and lemon chicken were not very good. However their menu is huge so there are lots of choices. This is the most famous Chinese Restaurant in Seoul, so check it out. This place is leaps and bounds ahead of China Factory. That place is pure crap! Also if you like Panda Express check this out.

9. JACKIES in Itaewon: When I heard Jackie Chan opened up a Chinese restaurant in Seoul, I was like…do I really want to eat something that Jackie Chan made??? HELL YES!!! I went there and it was pretty good. If you love dumplings this is the place to go. Again a little pricy for what they bring out but it tastes good. If you don’t want dumplings I would recommend the chicken with garlice and lemon sauce or the BBQ Pork Fried Rice. The best dumpling on the menu is the steamed spicy jellyfish dumplings. I think they opened up a Jackies in COEX so it will be a good date place before you go see a movie. Phone number: 749-0250.

8. HAOCHI in Sinchon: If you have ever been to China you know they are pretty famous for their skewers. They use lamb instead of beef or chicken. This place is the best place to go for Chinese skewers. I think the only place in Seoul. It tastes awesome and their sauce is a combination of twelve different sauces…mmmm. So if you are ever in Sinchon check it out it is a nice change form your average Chinese food. Phone number 02-363-2688

7. GONQXI in Myeongdong: This Chinese restaurant in Seoul is a great place for dumplings. Chinese love their dumplings and this place is famous for them. It is less expensive then other places so you can order as much as you want. Also they have a great jajangmyeon which is not too greasy like most places in Korea. Phone number: 02-778-8863

6. G JIP in Insadong: This place is awesome. Most of the food here will be prepared by master chefs. The selections are simple but they main dishes were very average. I was expecting BIG things here which I did not find…until…the eggplant terriaki. To be honest I don’t like eggplant however this was really really good. Also they had one of the best jajongmyeons I have ever eaten. Check it out because I have not tasted many dishes here. So this could go up to the top 3 if I get the right item. Phone number 774-7255

5. QUO LAI in Samcheong: If you like Chinese restaurants in Seoul that are pure spice then come here. Most of the dishes here are hot and spicy, very much like how it is in China. I would recommend the Deep Fried Shrimp and the jajangmyeon. I went with 3 other people and they all enjoyed the sweet and sour pork dish. However I felt it was not crispy enough for me. However you might enjoy it. Phone number 82-2-720-3368

4. NANXIANG in Taepyeong: 84 Taepyeong-no 1-ga Jongno-gu. This place has awesome dumplings and they have this one Bun which is super juicy. I think they steam it for like 24 hours before serving it. It almost just melts in your mouth. As far as the main dishes I would recommend the pork and pine mushroom. Phone Number: 02-3789-8074

3. WAN CHAI in Seodaemun: This is the place to be if you want to meet the college ladies. This is a very hip date place because the cooks cook right in front of you. It is almost like a live show…well worth the cost of the meal. They have the best shellfish/mussels in Seoul. The chefs said that it was a special spicy Hong Kong recipe. I believe it! One of the best Chinese restaurants in Seoul. 5-35 Jangchun-dong, Seodaemun-gu. Phone number: 02-392-7744

Din Tai Fung Myeongdong

2. DIN TAI FUNG in Myeongdong: 104 Myeong-dong 2-ga, Jong-gu. This place is world famous. I am not talking about only in Seoul. Everyone in the world knows about this place. Most consider this Chinese restaurant to be the best Chinese restaurant in Seoul. Great dumplings, especially the dimsums and shaomais. Also their pork dumplings are to die for. This place has all kinds of soups that go great with the dimsums. This place has won so many awards so you must check it out at least once. Phone number 02-771-2778

1. PAENGNIHYANG in Yeouido: This Chinese restaurant in Seoul is located on the 57th floor of the 63 building. Maybe the only reason to go here. The food is the best you will ever find in Seoul. The Chinese food is very authentic and they have real Chinese styles like Sichuan and Guandang. The reason this place is so awesome is that when you think of Chinese food, you think of CRAZY stuff…this place has them! Steamed whole shark’s fin and cavior with oyster sauce, bird’s nest with abalone, and steamed live fish with ginger soy sauce. They sound strange?? You must try them because they are unlike anything you ever tasted. Phone number 02-789-5741


  1. Alex

    where in Sinchon is Haochi?

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    Which one is better?? one or ten??? WWWWAAAAAHHHHH???

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    Someone had never been to Daerim it seems.

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