Top 10 French Restaurants in Seoul

10. LA PETIT PARIS in Sinchon: 2F 52-18 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu. This French Restaurant in Seoul has a small menu but great quality. The price is very reasonable…because if you know French food, you know that it is going to cost you a lot of money. Try the Beef Tenderloin with Red wine sauce which is the best thing […]

10. LA PETIT PARIS in Sinchon: 2F 52-18 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu. This French Restaurant in Seoul has a small menu but great quality. The price is very reasonable…because if you know French food, you know that it is going to cost you a lot of money. Try the Beef Tenderloin with Red wine sauce which is the best thing on the menu. The other dishes are pretty much just alright. Phone Number 010-6353-0901.

9. LES BAUX in Apgujeong: 642-26 Sinsa-dong: This French Restaurant is the perfect place to take a date. They have private rooms so you can get a bit more intimate. Also they have the best bread! I know that is nothing to scream about but when I tried it, I said to myself that it might have been the best bread I have ever tasted in Korea…and no I was not high at the time. Try it for yourself. However when you say the bread is their best thing…that doesn’t say much about the restaurant which was good….but not great! They had a fine breakfast selection and their best dish might be Crepe au Banana. This place is known for their French breakfast dishes…but really how great can breakfast really get?? Phone number 010-6353-0901.

8. KATES KITCHEN in Cheongdam: 81-2 Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam. Looking for a different kind of French Restaurant in Seoul? Well look no further. This place has some interesting food! No I am not talking about snails…but they have dishes that you might not think are considered “French” food. Some of my favorites here are the goat cheese rolled in eggplant, the pumpkin soup, quiche, and the spicy green chicken curry. Do not get the spagetti vangole because I felt it was not cooked right…kinda stringy. Their beef burgers are also very decent.

7. LA PLANCHA in Itaewon: 119-21 Taewon-dong. This French Restaurant in Seoul is all about the meats. If you know me you know I love meat! Awesome lamb skewers, steaks, and chicken legs. However the big problem with this place are the portions. For what you pay you would think you will get full when you walk out of the place. You don’t leave full, but you don’t leave hungry. Don’t get the grilled calamari rings…very chewy. Try the belle-helene pear and Montblanc Ice Cream for dessert. Taste wise this place is great…quantity wise this place sucks.

6. CHEZ SIMON in Samcheongdong: 63-10 Samcheongdong, Jongro-gu. This place is a reservation only restaurant so you must call ahead. Once you get there you realize why. This place is pretty small and you kinda feel like you are in once of the small shops along the small streets of Paris. This French Restaurant has great presentation in their dishes and they almost look like works of art. They have great flavor and you can tell the chef has taken his time in creating the dish. You almost don’t want to eat it. It is a set menu so you really don’t have to think about what to order. The set had crispy ravioli, potato foam soup, steak, and creme bulee. The cost was not too bad either(32,000-42,000 won). I know I know…that is pricy….but wait until you see the other French Restaurants in Seoul. Phone number 02-730-1045.

5. NINTH GATE in Itaewon: Itaewon is the place to come to when you are looking for great French restaurants in Seoul. This restaurant is in Chosun Hotel and it is extremely fancy which means extremely expensive. Some of my favorites here are the glass noddles with Tofu, the grilled beef and mushroom skewers, and the Black Angus beef. This place is very expensive so only go here if you did something really bad to your girlfriend.

4. 8 STEPS in Samcheong: 63-24 Samcheong-dong, this French Restaurant in Seoul is the place to come to if you are looking for great salads. I love salads!!! Since I am now doing P90X, I started to watch what I ate. This place has three salads that are spectacular. Tomato mozzarella salad, tuna salad, and the caesar’s sald. Also try the seafood soup which will warm you right up. They have many pastas but my favorite is the Arribiata. Try to stay away from the risottos because they were a bit too soft(almost looked like stew…) They have great beef fillets and a good wine list.

Le Saint Ex Itaewon

3. LE SAINT EX in Itaewon: 119-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu. This place is near the Hamilton Hotel and the Menu is always changing. So what I say here might not be there when you get there…When I went they served me Salmon which was alright, a goat cheese salad which was good, but what separates this place from the pack is the beef platters. Different kinds of beef ALL DELICIOUS!!! But that is not all this place has maybe the best desserts in Seoul. The French really know how to make desserts and this place has an awesome chocolate mousses. My friend got the roated duck breast which looked fantastic, he didn’t even offer me a bite…what a jerk…but he loved it, so try it and tell me how it tastes.

2. BIEN-ETRE in Cheongdam: This French Restaurant in Seoul is super pricy and super fancy. The menu is huge and it feels like you are royalty when you dine there. Some of my favorites are the apple-scented camenbert cake, mini chedder cheese tart, pan-fried scallops with sea urchin sauce (this happens to be my favorite), and Lobster on Italian parsley Flan. If you are looking for meat, they have that too! Try the beef fillet mignon steak with ratatouille and asparagus flan. They have something called the souffle which was very flavorful and a must get. Remember this place is really expensive so you have been warned. Phone number 82-2-543-3288.

1. LA CIGALE in Itaewon: 123-33 Itaewon dong, This is hands down the best French Restaurant in Seoul. The French Chef that works there is very famous, however I forgot the name. They have two distinct styles here you can choose from. A Mediterranean style and a Parisan style. Everything they have is so delicious and freshly made. The have great mussels and beef. Try the ribeye steak and the beef stew. I usually hate beef stew, but this one was awesome. My favorite however was the pork fillet with mustard sauce. Looking for a dessert? You can’t go wrong with either the creme brulee, or the apple pie with vanilla ice cream.


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  2. Yolande

    La Cigale Montmartre is without doubt the best French restaurant in Seoul that is not a rip off. The food is true French and of excellent quality at a veryreasonable price. The service is caring yet sensitive to privacy and very elegant in manner.The perfect place to experience French food and service at its best in Seoul. Wonderful French atmosphere and romantic decor.I lived in France for most of my life so I can highly recommend this place.

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