Top 10 Fried Chicken Restaurants in Seoul

10. BHC in Seoul: BHC stands for Big Hit Chicken. This is the KFC of Korea. They have fries as well as nuggets, however they go WAY overboard with their menu. You can get all types of Korean drinking foods here and you can even order O-deng (fish cakes). They even serve many seafood dishes. […]

10. BHC in Seoul: BHC stands for Big Hit Chicken. This is the KFC of Korea. They have fries as well as nuggets, however they go WAY overboard with their menu. You can get all types of Korean drinking foods here and you can even order O-deng (fish cakes). They even serve many seafood dishes. I am not sure I want to eat chicken that was next to any type of seafood…They have some nasty burgers and a terrible fried rice with curry…forget about all the other stuff and just stick with the chicken which is just OK.

9. POPEYES in Seoul: The chicken here is very crispy and the menu is pretty much the same as it is back in the states. However the consistancy is very bad here. Sometimes the chicken just sits in the display for hours and so you will never know what you will get. Therefore the chicken quality is kinda low, however they make up for it with their many other types of chicken. Try the chicken tenders or the hot wings which are pretty much made to order.

8. DASARANG in Seoul: This is the place to come for some chicken and pizza. However their pizzas suck! They have crazy “Korean” style pizzas that look and taste terrible to me. However the friends I went with (Koreans) loved it. I just ate the chicken which was very tasty. They put too much batter however they have a wide range of flavors. You can get a taste of each one by getting the Innocent 4 pack Family set which has 4 different types of chicken.

7. KFC in Seoul: Nothing like the KFC back home. No mash potatoes and gravy and no biscuits. They do have coleslaw which is awesome and their hotwings are the best! Their chicken is decent yet they have the same problem as Popeyes…you never know how long they have been sitting out. They have many types of burgers which are all terrible! One burger even has a hashbrown inside. The coleslaw and the hotwings are what pushes KFC to number 7.

6. HOTSUN in Seoul: I realize that this place is not known for their fried chicken but rather their baked chicken. When you think of baked chicken you think of a low calorie and low fat meal….however this place is very very greasy…not to say it doesn’t taste great! The portions are huge and they have a great marinate. Now normally I always get the marinate on the side however in the case of Hotsun chicken I get it on my chicken because they also put some rice cakes along with it. So good!

5. NENE in Seoul: Delicious!! One of the best fried chicken places in Seoul. This place is a bit different from the other places because they cover the fried chicken with piles and piles of green onions. These are very long pieces of onions that actually go great with the chicken. They have this fantastic sweet and sour sauce as well. However it is almost impossible to eat the chicken with the sauce and the green onions. You almost want them to make their chicken boneless. I usually just dip the chicken and eat the onions like french fries…

4. BBQ in Seoul: If you like super crispy fried chicken here is the place to go. This place is usually a home delivery service however the quality is excellent. They don’t give you much side dishes except for this white pineapple which tastes nothing like pineapples…they taste more like pickled radishes….whatever it is…it goes really well with the chicken. This place is the largest fried chicken chain in Korea. The breading here is very thick and it is cooked in 100% olive oil. They actually had a chicken called “African Chicken” kinda racist and disgraceful….I ate it….it tastes delicious….Also they have very good hot wings.

Reggae Chicken

3. REGGAE Chicken in Hongdae: This is the only non-franchise to make it on this list. The place looks just terrible. It looks like a old run down shack. It feels like you are in Jamaica…not the hotel part of Jamaica but the dangerous outside parts of Jamaica. The chicken however was very tasty! What I loved more however was their crispy Texas fries. They also have this great garlic sauce, so don’t forget to dip your chicken in it.

2. KYOCHON in Seoul (Gangnam): There are over 1,000 locations in Korea, but I went to the one in Ganganm. They made their chicken a little differently. They dip their chicken in a sweet garlicky batter before they fry it. The chicken tastes very good but also very greasy. They claim to use zero trans fats so that makes me feel less depressed when I eat it. However the only problem is that this place takes their sweet time in making the chicken. Expect to wait an extra 15 minutes compared to the other places. Which sucks if you are drunk and you want your chicken now!!!!

1. TWO TWO in Seoul: When I came to Korea this was the first fried chicken I had. It tastes awesome. It has a black pepper/cinnamon flavor that is very unique. They say their chicken is pre-fried which means they fry it once and fry it again when the customer orders it. This gives the chicken an extra layer of crispyness. The skin comes out very juicy but with little grease. HOW DO THEY DO IT???? Best chicken in Korea by far…the only negetive…the only sides are those darn white pineapples….


  1. I have the taste for some Cajun rice from Popeyes, but I stopped eating it cuz they say most Popeyes sides dishes be pork.

  2. Vincent

    I’d like to add The Frypan. Best chicken I’ve had here.

  3. Beverly

    Hi, could you advise where are the Kyochon outlets in Seoul with directions?
    thanks very much!

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  5. Chuck

    Drop B.H.C. It is the worst delivery chicken place n Korea. Add Kkanbu, it is a Korean chain and belongs in the top 5. They don’t deliver but you can call in and pick up or eat in. They have a few different styles of chicken, beer, soju, soda and sides to order. Good place to eat and have a few drinks relatively cheap.

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