Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Seoul

10. MANKAMANA in Shinchon: This Indian restaurant in Seoul has the most tender lamb ever. The chicken curry was terrible tho. The lamb curry is the only dish to get and this dish is the only reason this place made the top 10. Overall the problem with this place was that it was just too […]

10. MANKAMANA in Shinchon: This Indian restaurant in Seoul has the most tender lamb ever. The chicken curry was terrible tho. The lamb curry is the only dish to get and this dish is the only reason this place made the top 10. Overall the problem with this place was that it was just too damn spicy. If you like spice move this place up a couple of slots. I would also recommend the lassi drink which is pretty good.

9. GANGA in Gangnam: Everyone knows this place. If you stayed in Korea for over a year, than you went here at least once. They have a fantastic interior and the Paneer Masala is awesome. The curry dishes overall are below average tho. If you are going to get a curry dish, get any of their lamb curry. This place is not great but they are not bad either. Other great Indian restaurants popped up after this one, but this place is the OG of Indian restaurants in Korea. Phone number 3783-0610

8. USMANIA in Itaewon: This is a Indian/Chinese fusion restaurant. If you are looking for REAL Indian food, this is not the place to go. However they taste really good. You also eat with your fingers which is a bit strange but actually kinda fun. The place, from the food to the design is all over the place. Is it a Indian restuarant? Thai Restaurant? Chinese? Confusing… Phone number 82-2-798-7155

7. EVEREST in Dongdaemun: Nepalese style food. The dishes here are not traditional India dishes. However they are the best deal in town. The Malai Kafta is fantastic, but what makes this place great is the naan. They put so much garlic on it! I love garlic! However others might find the flavor a little too much. This place is really cheap. I don’t think any of the currys they have are over 10,000 won. Phone number 02-766-8850

6. CHAKRAA in Itaewon: They have the best Indian drinks in Seoul…by far! Try the pakora it is terrific. The place is a buffet style so you can get whatever curry you like. They have everything from chicken to seafood. However because it is a buffet the quality is not as high as the other places on this list. But where can you go to try many different kinds of curry. The wide varity alone makes this place a top 10 restaurant. Phone number 02-796-2255

5. DURGA in Jonggak: This is a fusion restaurant. A comination of Indian and Nepalese food. The chicken vindaloo is awesome and the dishes have a lot of flavor. Not too much spice and not too creamy. The naan is great as well. The reason this place is not higher is because it is not REAL Indian food. Also their menu is very simple and I feel like they use the same curry but with different kinds of meat switched in. The curry is delicious tho.

4. THALI in Bundang (Seohyeon): This is a small quiet place located on the same floor as Outback Steakhouse. They have the best naan in Seoul. It is hot, steamy, crispy on the outside, super soft on the inside. Also they have a great Chicken Tandori. Their menu is small, but I recommend the set dishes. They give you just the right amount of food. The best thing about this place is that REAL Indian people make it. You can see them cooking in the back and serving your table…they speak Korean…kinda creepy. Phone number 031-707-3192

3. TAJ in Myong Dong: This Indian restaurant in Seoul is very upscale and a great date place if you are willing to spend the big bucks. The have a lot of room so you usually don’t have to wait too long to get a seat. They bring their own oven from India which is why the food tastes soo authentic. The menu is big and I personally didn’t know most of the stuff on there. It might take you a year to try everything on the menu. After your great meal I would get the gulab jamun dessert. Phone number 02-776-0677

2. WAZAN in Hanam: This is a simple place with a lot of character. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the place looks terrible but the food is probably one of the best Indian foods in Korea. Get the crusted lamb biryani, chicken Tikka, seesh kebab, and their naan is great too. The price is affordable. Everything put together, this place tastes the best. I would not recommend it for a date tho.

Ashoka Itaewon

1. ASHOKA in Itaewon: Is it famous…yes. Is it a safe pick….yes. But you can’t beat it because they get all their ingrediants from India. THAT is why it tastes so good and so real. This was one of the first Indian restaurants to open in Korea and their is a reason why it is still open now. You can find it on the third floor of the Hamiliton Hotel. They have great mutton, samosa, dahiwada, and their Tandoori Chicken is the best in Seoul. Overall this place is the best Indian Restaurant in Seoul. Phone number 82-2-792-0117


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  2. Kim

    Jyoti Indian Restaurant in Sinchon is the best restaurant .You have missed to include jyoti in your list. The environment is cozy. All the food especially all the curry,naan, biryani , tandoori are best here. I like lassi here also. I recommended to visit ther ( phone : 02-703 3535)

  3. Park Kyong Ha

    Yeti in Hongdae is typical indian type…the food is really blast…i lick my finger when i eat there… 😀

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  5. we visited Jyoti restaurant and loved everything here. They serve great curries (mutton vidnaloo , chicken tikka masala, chicken korma , palank paneer , veg makhani ) , and naan . They have the best side dishes like samosa, tandori, Indian drinks in Seoul. Their set menu is per person is set 8000 ~13,000 won ( naan, tandoori , rice, curry, salad and drinks choose ( lassi or tea )
    Best place for authentic Indian food , great value, reasonable price.

    Location : 31-4, Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, 3rd Floor Seoul Korea
    subway : Subway line no. 2 green line, Sinchon Station
    Exit no. 5, Just 1 minute walking from station.
    Phone: 02-703-3535

  6. Ahmed

    There is another new Indian restaurent I visited in Itaewon called BOMBAY GRILL the food is good and friendly environment. Please include it in your list.

  7. केशव

    Laxmi reastaurant in seoul

    1. केशव

      Laxmi restaurant have youngdupo-dong 4ga this restaurant is so clean and indian food test is same indian i gone there eatting nan curry not so expensive chicken tikka masala and butter nan 12500won. I feel india and laxmi restaurant same.there have now indian people lunch time. This restaurant adress.#425-4,youngdungpo-dong 4ga,youngdungpo-gu, seoul,korea

      1. केशव

        Ph.02-2068 -3079

  8. Suhyun

    We had an absolutely amazing time at Jyoti Restaurant. From the dining to service point of view, it was exceptional experience! Well worth the visit .

    Jyoti Restaurat :
    Sinchon station (line 2) exit 5, first right turn
    Address 31-4 Nogosan-dong ,Mapo-gu,

    Jyoti Restauant : Chungmuro station (line 3&4) exit 1, walk straight ~200m until SK gas station. Jyoti is few blocks behind SK.
    Address 85-2, Chungmuro 5 (o)ga, Junggu, 2nd Floor, Seoul.

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  10. Asia asia restaurant in verry best restaurants

  11. Must try resturant for everyone, very unique expirence!!!!!!! The service is good, The food is great, and it is a great place to relax.
    Gurkha Indian Restaurant myeong dong seoul
    4F, 32-14 myeong dong 2(i)ga jung gu seoul korea

  12. gurkha8848

    Gurkha Restaurant is located in myeongdong, Seoul and is special for Indian, Nepalese, Chinese food. We are always working hard to provide our customers with the best tasting food and services. We will cuntinue to our hard work to give you guys the best of best treatment a restaurant can offer.
    Thank you.

  13. gurkha8848

    Gurkha Restaurant is a halal restaurant in Myeongdong, South Korea. It is very nice restaurant with the good service. Great food at great prices especially in the area where everything else is overprice. Food taste was fantastic. I think GURKHA RESTAURANT is one of the best restaurant in Myeongdong

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