Top 10 Japanese Sushi Restaurants in Seoul

10. SUSHI CALIFORNIA in Gangnam: This is the best Japanese sushi restaurant in Seoul when it comes to the price and quality. The sushi rolls will not blow you away but they are decent. Especially the chef specials. When you come here you must order the lobster roll but stay away from the spider roll. The Unagi rolls are pretty good but really you come here for the sushi. All the sushi’s are reasonably priced and you can even order some toro (fatty tuna) here. Where else can you get tuna sushi for 3,000 won and fatty tuna for 5,000 won. The best roll however is the rose roll( a must get). They have no appetizers which kinda suck but you can have a nice meal for two and not spend more than 50,000 won.

9. DAN SUSHI in Apujeong: This is the best Japanese sushi restaurant in Seoul that uses the rotating table setup. You come in and you sit down and just start eating. Dishes go around in a circle and the prices are all different. You have to look at the color of the dishes to see which ones are cheap and which ones are expensive. Dan Sushi is as best as you can get. They have this cooked beef on rice which is awesome and their salmon with this cream white sauce is delicious. It could get expensive because the food is right there for you to grab and before you know it you have 30-40 plates on your table!

8. HANA in Gwanak: This Japanese sushi restaurant is located near Seoul National University. I am sure this is a hip place for the smart college students. This place has very fresh Avocados which are very important when you have rolls. They have two rolls in particular that are a must get. The spicy tuna roll and the spicy salmon roll. However I was disappointed with the California rolls which were very average. This place is the perfect place to come to get full off of rolls.

7. YAMAMOTO in Gangnam: This Japanese sushi restaurant in Seoul is not very big. It is quite small actually which makes it a hard place to find. However it is famous for their oysters. You must ask the chef you make you a oyster shooter which is so good you will want seconds. Also the clams here are wonderful. The rolls and sushi are nothing special but they are more than decent. Phone Number: 548-2031

6. SUSHI KAL in Mapo: 173-29 Yeomli-dong, Mapogu. This place is very simple and clean. They have a long sushi bar so you will usually have a seat next to the chef. Because of the fact that this japanese sushi restaurant is so small, it makes it a nice date place. It almost feels like you are in Tokyo, eating inside one of their small sushi bars. Their Tunas might be the best in all of Seoul. It looks so fresh. This is why the only thing to get here is anything with tuna. I would recommend the Spicy Tuna roll. Phone number 02-701-5847.

5. TANI NOMADIC BISTRO in Cheongdam: 1F Komo building, 116-3 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. This is a Japanese fusion restaurant but it is very much one of the best Japanese sushi restaurants in Seoul. They have great seafood and sushi. They have the best rainbow roll ever. Also their soft shell crabs are to die for. This place has a large selection of sushi and rolls. I would recommend you come here with a date and try the chef’s specials which seem to be different every week.

4. ARIAKE in Jung-gu: This Japanese sushi restaurant is located in Shilla Hotel. 202-2ga Jangchung-Dong, Jung-gu. This place is expensive and most likely you will only come here once. But their sushi is so good and so fresh. They seem to only import the best quality sushi. They better because you will have to pay over 80,000 won for a full course meal. I would recommend you get the sushi set. Their tuna, yellowtail, and salmon are thick and they seem to just melt in your mouth.

3. SUSHI CHO in Jung-gu: A few blocks away is this awesome Japanese sushi restaurant. This place brings the taste of Japan right into Seoul. They have great service and everything is fresh. Also the cooks are Japanese chefs who know how to make sushi. This place is very similar to Ariake however just because of the japanese chefs alone…they get a bump up.

2. SUSHI HYO in Cheongdam: 1F 21-16 YuHyun building Chundamdong. This place is the King of sushi in Seoul. You don’t even need to have a menu here. You sit at the sushi bar and say “Omakasi” which means chef’s choice. I must warn you…it will be expensive. Look to spend about 150,000 won per person. However once you eat here you will know where the money went. They have great yellowtail sushi and I would recommend you try the steamed abalone…it tastes just like the ocean. Also they have best toro ever. It is so soft and so flavorful. Nothing beats it…Phone number: 545-0023

1. MOMOYAMA in Jung-gu: When it comes to Hotels in Seoul, the most famous has to be Lotte Hotel. Located on the 38th floor is the best Japanese Sushi restaurant in Seoul. Sokchondong 1 Sogongdong, Jung Gu. This place beats Sushi Hyo because their presentation is great, sushi is only slightly below them, however the price is not as expensive. They have the best King Crab Meat ever and they use it in a lot of their dishes. The menu is huge and the dishes can get very strange….and delicious. I would recommend the Live Loster terriyaki or the Tempura of Anago. Phone number 82-2-317-7031-2

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