Top 10 restaurants in Cheongdam

These are my picks for the best restaurants in Cheongdam dong Korea. We are always looking for new restaurants in Seoul. If you have any suggestions or insider tips, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment below. Also check out this place that just missed the cut…if you like Korean BBQ […]

These are my picks for the best restaurants in Cheongdam dong Korea. We are always looking for new restaurants in Seoul. If you have any suggestions or insider tips, please feel free to contact us or leave us a comment below. Also check out this place that just missed the cut…if you like Korean BBQ you will love this.

10. VILLA ETWAS – If you are looking for some good Mediterranean food made by a real Mediterranean cook, come to Villa Etwas. This place has so many different kinds of salads. My personal favorite has to be the garlic salad. I normally don’t like cream pastas but this place has some of the best cream pastas in Cheongdam. After your meal do not forget to get the tiramisu which is a kind a mix of tiramisu and cheesecake. It is to die for! I actually sometimes just come here for that! This is a great place to bring a date and I would recommend sitting outside on the terrace. The place however is way too pricy (80,000 won per person). They have live music, however when I went there weren’t any. Phone number 02-514-2030.

9. ANNA BINI – 89-1, Cheogdam-gu, Gangnam-gu. This Italian restaurant is also a great place to bring a date. The patio is huge and so beautiful. However try not to come here in July or August because it is just way too hot. This is a very hip place so expect to see a lot of young people here. Try the chicken diavola and most importantly get the three-color pasta. I love going to this place because of all the hot young college girls that go there. The price is very reasonable too. Phone number: 82-2-511-4117.

8. OASIS – 88-5 Cheongdam, Gangnam-gu. If you are looking for something different than your traditional Korean food, you need to go to Oasis. It is a fusion of Asian and Western food and very time I came here I never left disappointed. I would recommend the Eggs Benedict which is cooked to perfection. The glazed Salmon is not bad but it is a bit too oily for my taste. Remember to order the waffles which are very crispy and the syrup is really sweet and delicious. Phone number 02-548-8859.

7. AFTER THE RAIN – 92-16 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. I am a big Fan of Thai food and this Thai restaurant is the best in Cheongdam. They have some of the best selection of Thai dishes around. There are so many dishes I like, I will only name a few. Try the seafood noodle salad to start, then get the pinapple fried rice which might be the best in Seoul, then get the Pu Pat Pong curry. This place also takes a small hit because it is expensive. However compared to other Cheongdam restaurants it is not over the top. But the important part is that it tastes really good and here you can find some range in the Thai dishes. Phone number 02-3446-9375.

6. TANI NOMADIC BISTRO – 1F Komo building, 116-3 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. This is a Japanese fusion restaurant but it is very much one of the best Japanese sushi restaurants in Seoul. They have great seafood and sushi. They have a wide selection of rolls and many different kinds of sushi. They have the best rainbow roll ever. Also their soft shell crabs are to die for. Again like I said out of all the Japanese restaurants I have been to this place has a large selection of sushi and rolls. I would recommend you come here with a date and try the chef’s specials which seem to be different every week.

5. D6 – Are you looking for something FUN and different? Well it doesn’t get more fun and strange than D6. The Chef has a creative mind and his dishes are dishes you will not find in Korea. The place is very clean and very white. The menu gets pretty crazy, for example the cantaloupe and watermelon ravioli and the caviar in mousse. However some of the dishes taste pretty great! I would recommend three. First get the acorn pasta with Soy Sauce and Sesame Oil. Then get the Lobster Tteokbokki (rice cake). It is a little spicy but very good. Finally end your meal with a nice cut of Filet Mignon which was very very tender and juicy. The place is very pricy so be prepared to pay the big bucks. Phone number 02-511-9232.

4. BIEN-ETRE – This French Restaurant in Cheongdam is super pricy and super fancy. The menu is huge and it feels like you are royalty when you dine here. Some of my favorites are the apple-scented camenbert cake, mini chedder cheese tart, pan-fried scallops with sea urchin sauce (this happens to be my favorite), and Lobster on Italian parsley Flan. If you are looking for meat, they have that too! Try the beef fillet mignon steak with ratatouille and asparagus flan. They have something called the souffle which was very flavorful and a must get. Remember this place is really expensive so you have been warned…again. Phone number 82-2-543-3288.

3. SUSHI HYO – 1F 21-16 YuHyun building Chundamdong. This place is the King of sushi in Seoul. You don’t even need to have a menu here. You sit at the sushi bar and say “Omakasi” which means chef’s choice. I must warn you…it will be expensive. Look to spend about 150,000 won per person. However once you eat here you will know where the money went. They have great yellowtail sushi and I would recommend you try the steamed abalone…it tastes just like the ocean. Also they have best toro ever. It is so soft and so flavorful. Nothing beats it…Phone number: 545-0023.

The Barn

2. THE BARN – One of the best Steak restaurants in Cheongdam. Nothing comes close. This place is all about “real, pure, basic” Steaks. Like most restaurants in the uber fancy Cheongdam dong area, this place is a bit pricey. But The Barn Steakhouse is sure to please any meat lover.

1. NEW YORK LOBSTER – If you crave seafood, this place is sure to please. In my honest opinion, the best seafood doesn’t need much seasoning. They have simple lobsters as well as some speciality dishes. Go ahead and order the lobster.


  1. So the Thirsty Pig has asked me to fill in the blanks where he netgceled to take notes. I mean, what kind of self-respecting food blogger doesn’t take notes and leaves it to his buddy to fill in the blanks? So, ya this was way more than any 3 guys could handle. Under ordinary circumstances, this is a dinner spot where you throw back a few bottles of soju with the meal. This was our lazy Sunday brunch. lol. Anyways, the broth in the cup is beef broth that’s slightly seasoned (육수) and is generally used as the base for their cold noodle dish ( mool-neng-myun )(물낸면). Basically, they take the left over beef parts and throw it in a pot and make a broth out of it. The dirty secret in Korea is that you should never order these noodles from a place that doesn’t already sell some sort of famous beef dish or soup because it means they buy the broth from a third-party source, which is usually Chinese. God forbid! It’s a well known fact that Chinese broth produced for the Korean market is full of bad illegal stuff and not handled under the most sanitary conditions.Anyways, maybe the Thirsty Pig doesn’t like social commentary in his blog. lol.The only blank to fill in here is that the ribs are made from American beef and if it was Korean beef, it would have cost probably twice that. $50 is already steep enough.

  2. I am so glad u’ve enjoyed Seoul city next time you shloud try other place to stay since that kind of place are so dangerous even though seoul is quite peaceful city. you shloud try hotel and stuff like that because that’s gonna be different exprience to understand how Korea is!

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