Top 10 restaurants in Itaewon

These are some of my picks for the best restaurants in Itaewon. I will try to get some more detail in my restaurant reviews for Korea. I will continue to do the top ten restaurant blog post but incorporate individual restaurant reviews as well. Thanks for visiting the shikdang blog and we hope that the info […]

These are some of my picks for the best restaurants in Itaewon. I will try to get some more detail in my restaurant reviews for Korea. I will continue to do the top ten restaurant blog post but incorporate individual restaurant reviews as well. Thanks for visiting the shikdang blog and we hope that the info provided is helpful.

10. SULTAN KEBAB HOUSE – This is the original Kebab restaurant that started it all. Now everywhere you look, you see Kebab places. Well, it started in Itaewon by a guy named Omer Yilmaz. He started selling kebabs on the street in 2006 and slowly started to get famous. He opened a store in Itaewon and the rest is history. Everyone knows what Kebabs are so I won’t explain what it looks like. The taste is what matters the most and I can say hands down these Kebabs are the best in Seoul. The lamb and beef are imported but every other veggies are from local farms. You can ask for the spicy sauce (I leave that out). You probably won’t see Omer since he has opened multiple stores in Seoul, but if you do, try to talk to him. He is a real nice and friendly guy. Phone number 02-730-4418.

9. 81 BANYA RAMEN – This Japanese Restaurant is near the Cheil Building. I declared this place the best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Seoul. The Japanese Ramen at 81 is just like the ramen you will find in Japan. So you don’t have to fly to Japan for their Ramen because this place got it down perfect. This place is fun, hip, and very friendly. A nice place to go with your friends before you head out drinking. If you order the Kitchen Sink Bowl and eat it in 20 minutes you will get a prize! This place goes back to the roots of Japanese Ramen. Phone number 02-792-2233.

8. THE BUNGALOW – Now listen. I picked this restaurant in Itaewon because of ONE thing. This place is fun! The food? Crap! I must say however that their skewers are pretty tasty. However I did not place this at number eight because of their food. The place is a hip and fun place to drink and have a good time. Why is it so famous? The sand. You heard me. They have sand on the floor, therefore you must take your shoes off before you enter the rooms. The place feels like you are on vacation! They have a endless selection of drinks and the place is three stories high! The have private rooms, outdoor patios, and remember the place has sand!

7. ASHOKA – The best Indian Restaurant in Seoul! You can’t beat it because they get all their ingrediants from India. THAT is why it tastes so good and so real. This was one of the first Indian restaurants to open in Korea and their is a reason why it is still open now. You can find it on the third floor of the Hamiliton Hotel. I have only been here once and I loved it! Others told me it has gotten worse however I will have to go there again in the future to judge. What I remember, this place had so much flavor. They have great mutton, samosa, dahiwada, and their Tandoori Chicken is the best in Seoul. Overall this place is the best Indian Restaurant in Seoul. Phone number 82-2-792-0117.

6. GECKO’S GARDEN – 116-6 Itaewon Dong. All the foreigners know about this place because they serve Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner here for about 30,000 won. If you want some real Thaksgiving dinner which you won’t be able to find in Seoul, come here with your friends! I try to make it here once a year and the food is just like back home. Turkey, mash potatoes and gravy, stuffing….and well you know…The place is pretty cool too, they have trees and plants everywhere making it look like an actual garden. You need reservations to make the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner so call ahead of time. As far as the other days…you will be able to order good pastas and risottos. I would recommend the balsamic chicken which is very tender and tasty. Phone number 02-790-0540.

5. BISTRO CORNER – If you are looking for some good burgers in Itaewon come here! Do not go to Wolfhound Pub, the meat sucks and it is just too expensive. Also the burgers are just too big…almost like you are just eating meat. However if that is your style feel free to go there. If not…. Come to Bistro corner…it is WAY better. The place is very clean and the burgers are very simple. They have the sweetest sauces and the burger sizes are just right. Think of IN-AND-OUT and take it down 3 levels. WHICH IS STILL AWESOME! Phone number 02-792-9282.

4. BERLIN CAFE & LOUNGE – This place is a great date place not only for the way it looks but also because of the light and refreshingly different kind of food. The style here is pretty much Asian fusion. They have a great salmon salad, Fish N’ Chips with wasabi mayo, and delicious Green curry. Whenever I come here I make sure to get two things. First the roasted red pepper sauce which goes great with….EVERYTHING!!! Also remember to try the Samosas which are the best you will find in Seoul. Phone number 02-749-0903.

3. LA BOCA – Looking for some wonderful sandwiches and desserts??? This is the place for you. They have real prociutto and salami. Also the cheese they serve is of very high quality. There is only one thing to get here and that is the sandwiches. If you are a sandwich lover you found the right place. The quality is off the charts. The bread is cooked just right. It reminds me of the east coast sandwich shops in New York and Washington. Also they have a wide selection of desserts, however I did not try them. I did however try their pastas which are very very average. Remember come here for the sandwiches ONLY! Phone number 02-790-5907.

2. LA TAVOLA – 123-33 Itaewon, Yongsan-Gu. Looking for pizza in Itaewon? This Italian restaurant was one of the first Italian restaurants in Seoul. They are famous for their pizzas which are cooked in a wooden oven. So the pizzas come out very crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside. The sauce is not too sweet and they put the right amount of cheese. You know when you bite into a pizza and you have to use your teeth to cut the cheese….that is not good! Half the cheese should not fall on your plate. This place knows exactly how much ingredients to put into every pizza. You must get the thin crust pizzas which are to die for! Phone number: 793-6144.

1. LA CIGALE – 123-33 Itaewon dong, This is hands down the best French Restaurant in Seoul and the best restaurant in Itaewon. The French Chef that works there is very famous, however I forgot his name. They have two distinct styles here you can choose from. A Mediterranean style and a Parisan style. Everything they have is so delicious and freshly made. The have great mussels and beef. Try the ribeye steak and the beef stew. I usually hate beef stew, but this one was awesome. My favorite however was the pork fillet with mustard sauce. Looking for a dessert? You can’t go wrong with either the creme brulee, or the apple pie with vanilla ice cream. If you are a meat lover, you will respect this place not only for the quality but for the presentation as well. Phone number 02-796-1244.


  1. Fazia

    Thank you for the list. Been here 1 and 1/2 months, so I’m starting to crave a taste of home. I plan to try everything on your list. 🙂


  2. teresa

    thanks. i live in korea and have heard so much about itaewon. this helps in finding decent places to eat.

  3. teresa teresa

    Thanks. This really helps when I start exploring Itaewon. I’ve heard so much about this sectioin of Seoul.

  4. Allison

    I stumbled upon your list on the internet and I have only tried one place on your list- Bistro Corner- and I agree that it’s great. I will try the others.

  5. First , this is called as Kebap not Kabab. Since they want to get attraction of Muslim community in Korea, they call as Sultan Kabab. As a native Turkish, taste is % 60 similar to original one coz they use tortilla bread and lack ingridents ( vegatables )

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  8. Have you ever been to the small Gelato shop(Cafe) in Itaewon, near the Hamilton Hotel? I lived in the UK for almost 8 years and tried Gelato when I travelled when I was a student there~ The taste of Gelato was great! I went there with my friends, just letting you guys to know:) Exit 3, just next to kebab shop! It is called Gusttimo. Try~~

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