Top 10 Thai Restaurants in Seoul

We here at Shikdang love Thai food. Believe it or not Seoul has some really good Thai restaurants. Here are our picks for the best Thai restaurants in Seoul Korea. 10. SALA THAI in Apgujeong: This place is near Rodeo just around the street. This is a perfect place to come to shop and find some good Thai […]

We here at Shikdang love Thai food. Believe it or not Seoul has some really good Thai restaurants. Here are our picks for the best Thai restaurants in Seoul Korea.

10. SALA THAI in Apgujeong: This place is near Rodeo just around the street. This is a perfect place to come to shop and find some good Thai food. They also have another location in Bundang in Jeongja. Both places are great places to go when you are on a date. You must try the Green curry with Chicken. They make it kinda sweet which makes it super addicting. I talked to the owner and he wants to open more stores by 2012. However I tried many of their other dishes however they were a bit dissapointing. Get the curry!

9. THAI GARDEN in Itaewon: First of many Thai Restaurants in Seoul that is located in Itaewon. This place gets an extra boost because it was Thai Orchid but with a makeover. They give you huge Portions for a reasonable price. They have excellent chicken dishes. However many of their salads are covered in fish sause. I am sure the sodium count is off the charts here. Curry was a bit bland, but overall a very solid Thai restaurant.

8. PINK SPOON in Shinsa: This Thai restaurant in Seoul is all pink. From the floor to the ceiling, you are surrounded by pink. They come close to serving traditional Thai dishes. They look great but the taste does not match. Their Pad Thai are decent and their curry is not half bad. Nothing really stands out here. I say order the fried rice with any meat comination. It might be a little oily but they might be the best thing on the menu. Phone number 02-514-0754

7. LANNA THAI . This place is very tasty but not a lot of people know about this Thai restaurant. They have excellent curry dishes, my favorite being the yellow curry. The flavor is not too strong which is perfect for me. They have awesome spring rolls which are hard to find in Seoul. The rice noodles with stir fried noodles were a let down but the beef stirfry with vegetables and mushroom made up for it. Overall a very good Thai restaurant.

6. ZEN HIDE AWAY in Apgujeong: 645-18 Sinsa-dong, Gangnamgu. This place might be the best Thai restaurant in Seoul to go on a date. The decor is excellent and the place just seems really fancy and expensive. The price is very decent for the quality and qauntity of food. However this place is not your tradiitoinal Thai restaurant. This is more of a fusion restaurant (Korean/Chinese/ Japanese). The lemon chicken was awesome, however the last time I went they seem to have changed the name of it and their curry dishes were good as well. Phone number: 02-541-1461

5. PATTAYA in Itaewon: To be honest this is actually one restaurant I have not yet been to. I would normally never put a restaurant I have not been to up, let alone so high on the list. However two of my closest friends feel very strongly that Pattaya is the best Thai restaurant in Seoul. I am going to try to go next month and depending on the taste I will be moving this up or down…or maybe leave it as it. The top sellling point for this place was that the restaurant was certified by the Thai Embassy in Seoul…that MUST be a good thing.

4. CHAI 797 in Bangbae: 797-13 Bangbae-dong, Seocho gu. This is a Chinese/Thai fusion restaurant. So they have dim sum plates which are excellent. But you don’t just come here for the Chinese food, you come here for the Thai food as well. They have the best selection of curry, however I would recommend the Garlic Pork Belly. It was fantastic. Also I am not a big squid lover but their Thai style spicy squid salad (try to say that five times fast) very delicious. The price however is way too high (40,000 won to 100,000 won). This is why it is not in the top 3. I probably would not come back here again because the price to taste ratio was just not right. Phone number 02-537-7972

3. AFTER THE RAIN in Cheongdam: 92-16 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. They have some of the best selection of Thai dishes around. There are so many dishes I like, I will only name a few. Try the seafood noodle salad to start, then get the pinapple fried rice which might be the best in Seoul, then get the Pu Pat Pong curry. This place also takes a small hit because it is expensive. However it tastes really good and here you can find some range in the Thai dishes. Phone number 02-3446-9375

2. THAI ORCHID in Itaewon: 737-24 Hannam-dong: I came here a few years ago and I think they have have opened a few other stores around Seoul. Their presentation is the best you will find in Seoul which makes it a great place to take a date. Get the Pad Thai and green chicken curry. They have pinapple fried rice which is not as good as AFTER THE RAIN but still pretty close. The chefs are all Thai and the staff as well. One of the best Thai restaurants in Seoul, however the one weakness here is that the dishes are a bit too spicy for me.

1. BUDDAS BELLY in Itaewon: When I go to Itaewon and I am looking for Thai food, I come here. The best Thai restaurant in Seoul. The reason I feel this place is the best is because you can not beat the taste for the price. The dishes are very resonably priced and the taste is on par with anything on this list. The Thai cooks here seem to really know what they are doing. Get the Tom yum gung, or the pad thai(which is the best in Seoul). I tried something different last time and got the Chicken with Cashews and it was great! After your meal enjoy many of their Thai drinks like Tapioca with coconut milk and Thai milk tea. Phone number 793-2173.


  1. All this talk of Thai food makes me want a table full of food and tall glass Thai Iced Tea 🙂

  2. I really recommend Thai Express to this list!

  3. cody

    The pad Thai at buddas belly was the worst I have ever had. There was hardly any flavor to it. I helped manage a family chain of Thai restaurants in the states so I know what it’s supposed to taste like. And I know it’s supposed to have a taste…However, the tom yum gung was some of the best I’ve had. the restaurant was also nice, but they all are I’m that part of town.

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